Mahogany Thins

Picked these up for a quid each at Turners Retreat because the price looked ok.

They aren’t really suitable for turning much other than platters or very shallow bowls but they are excellent for practicing the removal of as little wood as possible to get the desired result.

Thin #1.

This went on the lathe a couple of weeks ago and I had no definite idea of where I wanted to take it. Very much a case of seeing ‘what the wood wants to do’.

So, after a few hours of turning, sanding, oiling, sealing and finishing I had the platter seen below.

But… it’s shocking.

Not the shape, I’m really pleased with that. It also feels nice to handle, the curves flow nicely, both to the touch and the eye.

The finish, however, is awful.  And it’s all down to not getting it right at the sanding stage.

So, it’s now a case of stripping back the wax and having at it again with the sandpaper.

Updates to follow.


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