Turning The Snotty Log

A few years ago I found a ‘lump’ of timber at the side of the road following some tree maintenance.  It was pretty waterlogged due to the weather at the time,  so I put it to one side in the shed and forgot about it.

Roll forward to the present, and the initial rough work whilst deciding what to do with it is below.


It was put aside again at this point as I was unsure as to whether to proceed given the wormage and soft spots present in the wood.

However, the internet is a wonderful resource and after a bit of research I watered down some acrylic sealer, gave it a pretty good sousing and left it to dry.

The following pics show the outer well sanded and then coated with Danish Oil.


There are a couple of areas that are giving concern and which may result in the outside needing more work, but we will see.

More to follow…

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