The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley

Over a year with no turning.   Nowt seems to go right.

Carpal Tunnel release operation on my right wrist in September 2019 put a bit of a crimp on things, still not got full strength back or much feeling in fingers, but its a 12-month recovery process anyway

Got a right tit-lip on with the lathe,  2 bearing changes later and its howling like buggery.  Need to get better bearings, but COVID has put a right damper on things.


I now have a white wheel on the grinder so tool sharpening should be a better experience (though a Sorby pro grind would be nice)
So, plans plans plans…

Stage one is to clear the shed, it’s become a bit of a dumping ground, followed by anchoring the grinder to the bench to avoid ‘wandering’ and optimise sharpening.

Stage two is to crack on turning, don’t care what the wood is…  have got Umbilo, Zebrano, Lime, Sycamore, Padauk, and Mahogany to have a go at, plus several logs of unknown ancestry that have been donated over the years.
I need to get the confidence back that I’ve lost, plus it will help with my mental health which isn’t exactly the best at the moment.

I’m also tempted to start videoing what I’m doing, even if only to identify where I’m cocking things up.)

Watch this space…   (but not too closely eh.. 😉 )

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